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Round Rock encourages customers to increase conservation measures as lake levels decrease

Published on July 28, 2023 under RRnews

In anticipation of raw water providers enacting higher levels of their drought contingency plans, the City of Round Rock is encouraging its water customers to increase conservation measures and continue to follow the City’s Stage 1 Drought Restrictions.

The Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA), which provides raw water from Lake Travis to the City of Round Rock and other nearby cities, is urging users to incorporate additional water conservation efforts into their daily lives as the region’s dry conditions and triple-digit heat continue.

“Our water supply is stressed but still in OK shape,” said John Hofmann, LCRA Executive Vice President of Water in a July 24 release. “It’s in our entire region’s interest to slow down water consumption because everything we do now will help prolong and protect our water supply. We are getting close to the next trigger in our drought contingency plan and customers soon will be implementing additional drought response measures. But no one should wait for restrictions to be put in place to stop wasting water.’’

The Brazos River Authority (BRA), which provides raw water to Round Rock from Lake Georgetown and Lake Stillhouse Hollow, has also indicated to City officials that they anticipate conditions to trigger higher levels of the organization’s drought contingency plan in the coming month.

The City of Round Rock has been under Stage 1 Drought Restrictions since June 2022. Restrictions for Stage 1 establish a maximum of two watering days per week for all Round Rock water customers. This includes residents living in Municipal Utility Districts (MUDs) that are wholesale customers of the City of Round Rock. The schedule is based on the last digit of your home or property address, and watering may not take place between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. on your designated watering day.

Stage 1 Outdoor Watering Schedule

Address ends in Allowed watering days
0 Monday / Thursday
1 Wednesday / Saturday
2 Tuesday / Friday
3 Monday / Thursday
4 or 8 Sunday / Thursday
5 or 9 Wednesday / Saturday
6 or 7 Tuesday / Friday

Customers can help by reducing irrigation system run times, reporting water waste (water runoff in the street, sprinklers running in the afternoon) and repairing leaks in their home.

Over half of the City’s drinking water is used for irrigation during the summer, as evidenced by the chart below. Despite calls for conservation, Round Rock officials have recently seen an increase in water demand.

It’s important to remember that the City’s water rates are tiered to encourage conservation — so when customers save water, they’re also saving money. After the base fee of $16.52, customers are charged an additional volume rate per 1,000 gallons:

Volume Tiers (gallons) Volume Rate (per 1,000 gallons)
0 – 15,000 $2.56
15,001 – 21,000 $3.20
21,001 – 27,000 $3.85
27,001 + $5.77

The City offers various tools, services and incentives to help customers make the most of their water and your money, including rebates on water-efficient products and services, leak detection kits and more.

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