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Heated Jr. Olympic Pool

I-35 from Georgetown


Brushy Creek Lake Park


Brushy Creek Dam


"The" Round Rock


Veterans Park Dam


Mexican free-tailed bats at McNeil Bridge


Koughan Memorial Water Tower


Brushy Creek Dam


Field of Bluebonnets and Indian paintbrushes

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The new website is live!
email forms and pool reservations are currently offline, but should be fixed shortly.
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The website is currently down-ish due to a denial of service attack on another domain on our webhost.

The new website will be brought up on a different host later today. A few notes on that:

*old website will still be available for reference for a little while after the new one is up, there will be a link in the FAQs section.
*old forums will be disabled, as they rarely got any use, however we have added a smaller forum section on the new site.
*old reservations will be moved into the new reservation system manually. if you reserved something previously, doublecheck it didnt get missed (or we didnt get to it yet)
*the new website has a single login for /everything/, no more password for this, password for that... it was driving us all crazy. Right now we're only supporting facebook logins on the website. If you dont have facebook, we also support the native wordpress login. check the footer of the page for login details.
*there are access restricted sections, once you login, update your profile with your street address, the system will automatically upgrade your account to "homeowner" and you will be able to see things (documents, pool reservation system, etc)
*we will be trying to integrate "nextdoor" into the new site. We're working with "nextdoor" to fix the definition of our neighborhood. Currently both preserve and us are lumped together. their service allows you to see neighboring neighborhoods, so, we're trying to get that rectified. this should take the place of most "old forum" functions.
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Coyotes - I live on Top Rock and I have a coyote that is stalking my house and dogs. My boxer had a run in with it through my fence. I called animal control and my dogs had to have booster shots. I have been fighting with the coyote for months now. I am nervous that he is no longer afraid of me. He was there this morning and even after we brought the dogs in he was circling my fence. I am very concerned about the coyote. I had contacted Animal control. Just fed up with the coyote. A few days ago a person on Rock Shelf had a coyote attack his dog at 2 pm in the afternoon. The coyote was on top of their dog and they were able to chase him off (dog okay) This coyote has been at my house mid morning, afternoon, evening and dusk. Please keep an eye on your pets and children. ... See MoreSee Less

The upper passage pool close will require an extension. The Pool will open on Friday 7/3. Sorry for this extension, we'd rather fix the problem properly the first time. ... See MoreSee Less