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What is the difference between Stone Oak and Preserve?

Our neighborhood is currently constituted of five associations:

  • Stone Oak Homeowners Assoc (HOA)
  • Preserve at Stone Oak Owners Assoc (OA) aka “The Preserve”
  • Mayfield Ranch
  • Highlands at Mayfield
  • Preserve at Mayfield Ranch

Currently, only the Stone Oak and Preserve at Stone Oak have an amenity sharing agreement.  Simply, what this means is-  Amenities for either Association are available to residents of BOTH Associations.

Why don’t you just combine them?

Long story short, none of the Legal documents “match.”  The Stone Oak Board does not want to conform to The Preserve CC&Rs, The Preserve Board does not want to conform to Stone Oak CC&Rs.   If an agreement was to be met, eventually, the legal fees to adopt a combined HOA would be large, and require a special fee incurred by all homeowners.  A 3/4 vote of all homeowners from both Associations would have to be accepted and pass (not quorum, total homes per HOA).

In lieu of this;

  • Both Associations have established an amenity agreement.
  • Both Associations also attempt to keep the dues equal.
  • Both Associations attempt to maintain the same Committees.
  • Both Boards have historically allowed a “shared” committee structure, which allows for a Preserve member to chair a Stone Oak committee, or vice-versa.  The only Committee in which this cannot happen is the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) of eitehr Association as the Governing documents are very specific that the members of the committee belong to the HOA in which it governs.
  • Both Boards make every attempt to have joint events, sharing the costs.

The end goal has been achieved, the community is one and the neighborhood is united. The only difference is the HOA your land was associated with when your home was built.


Why don’t we have anything similar with the others?

  • It is the understanding the Builder still controls these HOAs.  Stone Oak and/or The Preserve have no problem entering into an amenity share agreement, however it must be agreed upon with all parties.


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